Singer • Songwriter • Producer

My Biography

Lee Mays, a.k.a. Percy Mays, is a Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter who started writing music as a teenager. In the seventies, Lee appeared with several nationally-known artists and has traveled quite extensively throughout the United States performing his music. His legendary "Shine Your Love" album was released in 1976, and the album's title song was a regularly requested tune on Christian radio stations in Texas and Oklahoma.

In 1977, Lee had several offers from record companies to re-release the "Shine Your Love" album. An offer to re-release the "Shine Your Love" album nationally on Greentree Records of Nashville, Tennessee was made and signed by Ed Benson, who was Vice President of Artist and Writer Relations at The Benson Company at the time. However, Mr. Mays did not sign the agreement as he was in "hold-out" for a better record deal. But as fate would have it, that "better record deal" never materialized - at least not during that century.

In 1978, "Shine Your Love" was released as a single by The Cruse Family on Word Records. That song contributed to the family's 1978 album entitled, "Transformation", which won the Dove Award for "Best Inspirational Album of the Year". In 1992, "For the Good", co-written with Don Wallace, was recorded by Commander Kellie and the SUPERKIDS, a Kenneth Copeland Ministry. In 1996, The Dietz Brothers recorded Mr. Mays' song "Boys & Girls" on their private label release. In 2000, "Let Your Love Flow" and "Where Would I Be Without Your Love" were both recorded by Lee himself and released on Jaelius Records.

In 2000, the song "Where Would I Be Without Your Love" won the Best Inspirational Award at the prestigious Austin Songwriting Contest. Mr. Mays' songwriting skills also include the ability to write in the genres of adult contemporary, R&B Pop, and smooth jazz instrumentals.

In April 2010, that "better record deal" was finally offered to Mr. Mays. Better late than never and 34 years after its initial release, Lee signed a licensing agreement with Bandiera Records of Seoul, Korea, to re-release the "Shine Your Love" LP in compact disc form. With the advent of this most recent release, the popularity of Lee Mays music has exploded internationally on the Internet.

Today, the "Shine Your Love" album is a much sought-after collector's item by vinyl record collectors from Sweden to Japan, and from Korea, to the United States. An autographed copy of the album once sold on the Internet auction site, Yahoo Japan, for more than 20,000 Yen, which is equal to over $200 U. S. dollars.

My Music Philosophy

There's a philosophy in songwriting where the belief is that the lyrics are paramount in a song. This is my philosophy when it comes to merging music with lyrics. Yes, it's nice to listen to music that's satisfying to the ear and has a "groove" that makes you tap your feet or makes you want to dance. But it's the lyrics in my songs that actually makes the "hook" line prevail. It's the lyrics that draws you into the story or the theme that's behind the music. Of course, the music's tempo, beat, and melody are important components of our favorite tunes. But without meaningful lyrics, your mind cannot journey into that area that provokes thought and insight. To me, that's an important factor when I'm creating a song. I want my songs to say something. I want my lyrics to somehow tell a story. In many cases, if it's just the music standing alone, then you're listening to nothing more than another form of entertainment. If a writer can write a song with lyrics that makes you think or that makes you cry or feel some type of emotion, then his goal has been accomplished because the message has touched your heart and mind, i.e., your inner soul. This "touching" is the goal that I strive for whenever I write a song. - Lee Mays