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From the beginning, I've always written songs with lyrics that expressed my faith in God, as well as "secular" songs about love and everyday life. My first appearance on television was in 1975 at a TV station in Ponca City, Oklahoma where I sang a children's song that I wrote in 1972 called, "Butterfly". This song, which is so simple, is merely about catching a butterfly and making him your friend and holding him tightly in your hand. It was written about the same time that I wrote my most famous gospel/inspirational song, "Shine Your Love". Both songs are unique in their own way. The "Real Love" CD album is a collection of songs written about love and romance. Real love is the one thing that most everyone seeks to obtain as we long for fulfillment throughout a lifetime of marriage and/or dating relationships. I must confess that I am a hopeless romantic. And as a hopeless romantic, I've never hesitated to sit down at the piano or pull out my guitar whenever the inspiration came for me to write a love song. Most of my romantic loves songs were inspired without the help of a muse. My best love songs came to me from out of the thin air. After all, a good songwriter must have a good imagination.

I've always wondered what type of success my romantic ballads and love songs would find. It's been a dream of mine to record and publish the songs from the "Real Love" collection. It's been a real joy for me to first create this songs from inside of my head, and then to produce them in the recording studio. Now, it is my hope that you'll share my joy as you listen to them.

There is one song in this collection of songs that I must take time to mention. That song is "Don't You Give Up. It is different from the love and relationship songs that I wrote because it is truly a song of inspiration to all. It's a song that took me over 15 years to write. I started writing the chorus sometime back in 1998. But it took the tragic event of a family member who took her own life in May 2013 for me to find the inspiration to finish it. "Don't You Give Up" is in remembrance of my niece, Miki Mays.

Featured Artists

Lisssette Mays
Lissette Mays

Performs lead vocals on "Tell Me"

Janice Miller
Janice Miller

Performs lead vocals on "I Can No Longer Say"


Performs lead vocals on "Don't Be Afraid of Love"

Alana Croker
Alana Crocker

Performs lead vocals on "Real Love"

Greg Giacona
Greg Giacona

Performs piano solo on "Real Love"

Jeremy Allen
Jeremy Allen

Performs lead vocals on "Don't You Give Up"

Fulton Turnage

Performs lead vocals & saxophone on "It Was Worth It All" and “Give Me Another Chance”

Lyn Gamez
Lyn Basilla Gamez

Performs lead vocals on "Your Eyes"

Stanley Glenn

Performs lead vocals on "Give Me a Chance to Show You" and added vocals & rapper on “I Wanna Fall In Love With You”